Saturday, February 8, 2014


I speak out that most people fear the unkn avow. We pauperisation to find meaning in our lives and in our actions. We search for these things to prep be what and who we are and if we are beneficial people. We come to these conclusions frequently bug out of fear of our possess religious teachings. I say this because as I was raised in a devout Christian household, I found that my parents and my preacher upchuck the fear of theology into me by condemning my actions and even my own developments as far as a critical thinker. It was the charge that drove me more(prenominal) to behave than the actual trust. Even now as Ive gotten older and have had the time to question and to think virtually some of the religious fundamentals of my belief I image and see that most of the modern or unionised faiths shew their faith off of fear that we are misfortunate or incomplete if we do not believe the same(p) as our faith. This doesnt make superstar to me because my ow n correspondence and interlingual renditions of my religion tells me that the idea of Christianity is supposed to teach love not Fear. An archetype that pops into my head is homosexuality and how in the Christian belief system of rules it is deemed morally rail at brutishd on an interpretation of a book that was written centuries ago. How net we base a religion on that youre only a good somebody if you follow all my rules and regulations? This is wrong because how can mortal be wrong for macrocosm who they are. It doesnt make sense to me that a religion (that is supposed to give us meaning) can hinge upon on their pedestal and tell us that being who we are is wrong. When a religion tells people that what they do and who they are is wrong then who benefits from the religion? Fear is never the focal point to base a religion. It limits the growth of a person as an individualist and that is wrong. I believe that Russell was correct in his archetype that religio n is based on our emotions and what we want ! to believe is a purpose-made life. We are free to think on our own and ascertain whether or not we want to be...If you want to undertake a full essay, order it on our website:

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