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Fort Myers Economical Development Research Paper

Fort Myers Economical growing - Research Paper ExampleThe urban center has a lot of line of work opportunities. In conducting research most business opportunities, one should ask more question in order to come up with an allot data. One should ask about the business opportunities arising in the metropolis, the demand of infrastructures available and whether the city encourages unknown investors. world one of the major cities in Lee County, it has many infrastructures, which ensure business opportunities to both local and foreign investors. Many people from different regions of the world have invested in the area. The city is a centre of tourism attraction. The old historical building and museum attracts million of people yearly. It is estimated that over two million people levy the museum yearly. The river in the city ensures enough supply of water and in addition serves as a transport base. The city has many industries, which work to ensure the progress of Lee County. Tax c ollected from the industries assist in maturement of new business. Currently, the industries, which exist include tourism, transportation, security, information technology, communication and fishing among others. The industries are operated by both administration and private individuals. The politics takes care of the business opportunity and ensures consumer protection. Each industry operates in respect of establishment rules. Tourism industry in the region has promoted other industries. Transport and communication have been in risque demand due to transportation of the tourist and other business investors visiting the region. Security industry in addition has been in demand because the investor requires security to prevent loss. The government protects the old buildings because they serve has tourism attractors. Demolition of these buildings underside lead to decrease of business opportunities because tourism has promoted many industries in business and destruction of touri sm attractors factor that many industries ordain collapse. Fort Myers contributed to about a third of the Lee Country economy finished the collection of taxes from business in the region. Other industries in the regions include education and health. Those industries are operated by the government and private individuals. Education sector has good chances of business growth. Private universities and school in the region take a shit business owners good income. The health industry also favors private business people. The estimate shows that about basketball team thousand people visit the hospital each day. Establishment of a private hospital stomach earn the owner good income (Turner, 2009). People should invest in the city in order to chance on the opportunities because the business needs trial. This study is significant to many people. It will help investors in the city, people automatic to invest, the government and tourism agents. It will also help private investors in oth er regions. The study is also significant to students in the business subdivision. The study has a lot of benefits to certain groups of people. First, it will help business investors because they will be able to know which industry to start a new business (Smoot, 2007). It will also help the government to know the areas to improve, and the industries which they should take care for to avoid collapsing. The people visiting the city will have knowledge about the things involved in the city and it can serve as a tour guide. Finally, the study will serve as an academic source. Student in the department of business and others related department will use

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Managment- has email replaced the need for face-to-face contact Essay

Managment- has e unhorse replaced the need for face-to-face contact between managers and staff - Essay moral(The Industry Standard 2000). Interpersonal chats ar an essential foundation upon which organizations are built as was observed by Barnard(1938) who said an organization is born when there are individuals who are able to communicate, and who are determined to engage in actions oriented towards a common goal. It has been estimated that a manager spends 95% of his time in written and verbal communication. (Mintzberg 1973). It is essential that such technologies impacting upon the organizational is examined with greater attention it deserves.In a study reported in Jan 1995(Sullivan), it was found that e-mail users among the of the Florida House of Representatives, an information-intensive public organization, preferred the alone introduced system for document delivery, request for information and answering queries only and not for drafting documents, assigning tasks and qual ification decisions. And it was also found that e-mail was less preferred than face to face interaction but to a greater extent preferred than telephone, memos and letters. This observation was 10 years ago and in a public organization where formality is the norm.It is undisputed fact that e-mail is used to replace time-consuming and expensive conventional workplace communication methods. It is not surprising therefore that 80 percent of all organizations now use e mail for business communication. It will continue to increase as the cost and resistance decline. (Louis 2002)Interpretation of a meaning depends on the choice of communication method selected by the sender. The selection of communication media is an executive skill impelled by the factors of expediency and efficacy. As a unique communication channel, e-mail enables creation and dissemination of messages in organizations. It is not just a medium between sender and receiver but could be a complex form of communication w ith

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NSPCC is a charity organization aimed to protect children from abuse Essay

NSPCC is a charity organization aimed to protect children from abuse and family violence - show ExampleA charity like NSPCC operates in a complex environment influenced by governmental and social difficulties, family relations and laws. The vulnerability of the charity like NSPCC is determined by its degree of dependency on a resource and the external sources of this resource (i.e., the greater the dependency, the high gearer the potential for loss of autonomy). NSPCC depends upon resources and philanthropy (NSPCC infrastructure Page 2008).7 Ps model jakes be applied to NSPCC and its activities. The main Ps be product, price, promotion and place. Strong position of a charity organization is based on brand trueness and high quality of service range. The likely decision process of the target market is the quality and alone(p) taste that appeals to the consumers minds with offerings. Product positioning is characterized by establishing trustworthiness, confidence, and competence for customers. NSPCC establishes trustworthiness and unique image as a childrens rights organization (McDonald and Christopher 23). This strategy is supported by the buying process and the pricing, and as the most important high quality of all services. Pricing decisions influence the organization forcing it to find new ways to reduce costs. NSPCC can use flexible cost-plus pricing to ensure that its services are competitive in the scene of the particular market environment. NSPCC has to spend its own resources in order to meet the requirements focusing on proficient efforts, security and support. NSPCC opens new officers and involves different social institutions in order to meet needs and demands of the target audience. As a typical marketing company, NSPCC promotes its activities and policies including public relations and advertising campaigns. Modern marketing is customer-oriented, so a charity organization like NSPCC depends upon physical layout, customer service and proces ses concerning customer service. Unique services patron NSPCC to sustain its market position and develop strategies according to current needs and demands of the target audience. Given the increase turbulence and complexity of the market place, and the rapid pace and impact of technological change, the need for a disciplined, domineering approach to the market has never been greater. Customer service and processes involve call centers and support, peoples centers and live chats, etc. visible layout involves attention to learning environments and attractive layout of agencies, etc. in sum, these features show that NSPCC follows marketing principle of a traditional business applying them to unique environment and purposes (McDonald and Christopher 29). The location of the customer is not strictly physical, though. In many if not most instances of service-giving, location is preponderantly mental. Even physical location is likely to be chosen for its psychological image association or its easy exploitation of well-established customer habit. Successful service is always as much an entertainment

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An examination of forced marriages and its implications within the UK Dissertation - 1

An enquiry of agonistic marriages and its implications within the UK - Dissertation ExampleThe significance of the topic, followed by the background and context be delineated to give emphasis on the emergence of the topic. Moreover, the literature review go away be conducted so as to deliver the clear arguments, which will tend to stipulate implications under the last section. All of the contents in this paper will assist one to fathom the needs of alteration in a young setting, and demand for growth especially by enforcing human rights mandates. 2.0 Aims 2.1. List of Aims To pass on a background of laboured marriage, in the absence of mainstream and commonalities that are happening in the contemporary setting today. To depict the up-to-date soft data of forced matrimony, so one can realise how the pace of growth has been sliding and adequate-grown birth into another bulk of detrimental concerns. To open the mind of the state that it is not the general social welfare of the people that they are protecting if they focus on economic progress and development. 2.2 Interpretation of Aims Such aims are created to picture out the outcome of the contents of this paper. The first-class honours degree aim signifies that the paper will not lone(prenominal) depict the nature of forced marriage as it has already been widely known, plainly also to provide the public that such notion has been claimed in disparate perspectives. The second aim shows the reality that such current record will make one ponder about what could the conduct be if consistent make will be made. Lastly, the third aim will promote awareness to the public, especially to the state that forced marriage is something that can ruin the life of the people living in a particular soil that impedes social developments with its social policies that are unfounded with universal human rights. 2.3 Researchers Initial Ideas/Thoughts/Perspectives From the spring of the conduct of this paper, the rese archer really thought that forced marriage has existed in the mainstream, and arrange marriage is different from it--which has been rectified. However, in the writers perspective, forced marriage was really detrimental, and it profoundly depicted violence against women, but did not classify it as a felony towards human rights. Generally, the writer believed that families resulting from forced matrimony can cool it be managed well, with love and care, especially when two persons begin to reside in one house. 2.4 Significance of the head The dearth of literature regarding the proliferating issues of forced marriage is an indication of delving into the topic deeper. For instance, a tiny notch of sociologists has been poring over the issue, and their number depicts tolerance to the concern. To begin with the situation and the emerging victims, it is precise to know that the topic is far more(prenominal) than significant. When it comes to life and death situations, the public should commence on constructing resolutions rather than discussing the issue. However, because the issue has been neglected, educating first the public is the first phase before giving resolutions to the conduct. 3.0 Background and Context The issue is really set on the full consent and submission of oneself to be engaged in a conduct, which decisions involved are significant because it will dictate someones future. It has been an issue of threat or coercion, force, and dishonor, which one tries to escape from the reality unspoiled because someday or at this moment, he or she will tie with someone that is considerably a perfect stranger or an unwanted person. This should be the

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Instructional Design Skills and Competencies Dissertation

Instructional purport Skills and Competencies - Dissertation ExampleThis includes internal bringing up courses, formal and informal mentoring, certification syllabuss, and externally run training courses. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all faculty. Although these numbers have appendd nationwide, when analyzing data from individual schools, there be many faculty who do not receive this training. The circumstantial topic for this research is the skills that atomic number 18 compulsory for faculty who are involved in online course development, and the training that is needed to assist in this development. 1.4 interrogation Problem Write a brief statement that fully describes the problem being addressed. Present this in angiotensin-converting enzyme sentence or no more than one clear concise paragraph. Through the one-time(prenominal) decade, the number of higher education institutions that offer online courses has increased, and there has been an increase of enrollme nt in these courses (Allen and Seaman, 2011). In specific colleges and universities, faculty members are faced with developing these courses without formal training in many cases. This lack of acquaintance indicates a need for increased knowledge and skill building for all teachers developing and teaching online course. gibe to Allen and Seaman (2011), 65% of institutions surveyed indicated that online course delivery is critical to an institutions long-term plans. Also, there has been an increase in acceptance of online courses (Carliner & Driscoll, 2009). Faculty is often responsible for creation, development, and management of online classes (Carliner & Driscoll, 2009), without formal training. Devries (2007) states that there is an premiss that ready-made software automates part of course development processes, leaving only the contributions of subject matter experts (SMEs), who are the faculty- contriveers. This usually is not true in practice. Although the software may use templates and other tools, faculty may lack determineing of how to use them (De Vries, 2007). Faculty-designers are often met with the tasks of developing and managing course content, facilitating and recording student activity, providing extension sessions for students with questions and concerns and developing meaningful learning activities (Ally, 2008). The need for faculty training in these areas is well documented (Ally, 2008 De Vries, 2007) and an good training program to enhance the skills needed must be found. 1.5 Research Purpose Write a brief statement that fully describes the intent of the study or the reason for conducting the study. Present this in one sentence or no more than one clear concise paragraph. The purpose of this study is to understand the needs of faculty designers who teach and design online courses. The findings from this study will provide insight into instructional design skills currently used by faculty-designers of online higher education courses. It will also provide information close to skills required to develop and manage online courses from the faculty-designer perspective. The future purpose of this research is to design a training program for a higher education institution where faculty need training. 1.6 Research Question(s) (What do you really requirement to know? The rest of this form derives from and should constantly be

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Media production Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Media ware - Assignment ExampleThe texts are mostly in black and various hues of pink, used to emphasize lyric in titles. As a whole, the written text, being influenced by the background color now be contends adjourn of the visual. The coordination of colors of the titles, the models clothes and other objects in the cover page all come together well to produce an impression of high stylization and a connotation of modern flair (Machin & Thornborrow, 2003) which Cosmopolitan is known for.Using Miley Cyrus, previously known as a wholesome star of a youth-oriented program, Hannah element 109, as the cover girl who has shed such goody-goody image and embraced a sophisticated-woman-persona may draw been a move to stir controversy, and so, attract buyers. Mileys cover reflects Cosmopolitans fun, fearless female person philosophy (Streitmatter, 2004). No matter what background Miley Cyrus had, once she becomes a Cosmopolitan woman, she is welcomed into the world of strong, sexually en ticing and powerful women (Machin & Thornborrow, 2003).The use of pink background may intentionally indicate Mileys past as a wholesome teenager. The color Pink usually connotes softness and femininity (Machin, 2007) which were words that could have set forth her as Hannah Montana. However, Mileys picture becomes ironic to what Pink represents because she can be perceived as a sexually mature woman, knowledgeable about the ways of the world. Her Cosmopolitan image is far from the innocent Hannah Montana that she characterized just a few years before. The visual elements of the cover page collaborated to successfully depict Mileys transformation a daring, fun and uninhibited sex symbol and no longer an innocent child.In analyzing the cover page in-depth, the image of Miley Cyrus can be considered symbolic of what she was undergoing at the time of the shoot. While she wears white, a color that connotes purity and wholesomeness, she wears

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Database Development and Management Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Database Development and Management - Term Paper ExampleThe housing of the sales proceedings of the departmental store requires the development of a well-designed database solution with potential business rules. A database solution involve to have retrieval section where data is easily found. The retrieval structure finds a particular atom of data in a more specific way with a quick and easy catch of data within the database. Consistency provides reliable rules in database solution. The performance of the aforementioned(prenominal) search twice in a row of a good database solution gives the same results. A well-built database harvest-feast ensures exact same query of data results plays an important role in a database solution. Additionally, the rigor of data within a database solution relates to the ideas of consistency. Validity and consistency ensure different parts of database do not hold alter results of the same information. The validity of a database solution ensures th at data incorporates within the possible pieces of data within the database (Davenport, 2013). Therefore, the validity of data within a database solution ensures that records are updated, created and deleted when need stands. The design of a database solution takes up the following structureThe database solution contains connectivity of relationships as shown in the key diagram above. The stores to the customers have a 11 relationship, the products to the stores have a 1 M relationship, suppliers to products have an M N relationship, while products to product ID have a 01 relationship making a cross foot notation.

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Rhetorical Analysis of a Controversy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Rhetorical Analysis of a Controversy - Essay ExampleIn the conjure up of violence involving guns, the ban on guns is a hot topic nowadays. A lot of people deem been killed in college or schools shootings in the recent classs. Moreover, other crimes be also happening in the US. Having a gun for self-defense is a constitutional right of citizens of many countries around the world. Same is the case with the US. all US citizen is allowed in the Constitution to keep an allowed model of gun for self-defense. So this constitutional section is a big bar behind banning general people to have guns. So it might non be possible to ban the possession of guns altogether. However, it is possible to regulate this matter in an intelligent manner, so that no one will be able to misuse guns which are meant to defend rather than to terrify or kill others. In the recent years, we have seen many incidents around the world where a electric razor took the gun of his or her parents and shot either a parent or someone else. Although there are many shooting events that have triggered the discussion about banning the guns, the occasions or situations that gave rise to the affray are the shooting accidents in the recent years. This occasion took lives of many people. In some cases, the shooter himself committed suicide after killing a lot of people. at that place were plenty of shooting incidents in the year 2014. A large number of precious lives ended due to these shootings. It is not difficult to identify that who is the stakeholder. There is no denying the fact that a person who dies cannot be gained back again.

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Facebook Financial evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Facebook Financial evaluation - Essay ExampleIt is today headquartered in Palo Alto, California. In the diversity 2011, Facebook recorded tax incomes of $1.5 billion and was considered the largest for a venture capital raised by private equities (Annual Report, 2012). This remarkable refurbishment was attributed to engaging in partnership, advertising and analytics business. In addition, the company had been experimenting video streaming rentals and daily coupons and deals that go excessively proved potential atomic number 18as for growth. This essay evaluates Facebook fiscal statements by reviewing the following financial proportions a) current balance, b) inventory ratio, c) debt to justness ratio, d) net profit margin, e) return on equity, and f) price earnings ratio to determine its performance betwixt year 2010 and 2012. Current ratio This ratio determines firms ability to take care of short-term obligations. The higher the ratio, the more capable the company is to off -set its obligations and the lower the ratio the lower chances to meet short-term financial obligations (Brigham & Houston, 2001). Current ratio= current assets/ current liabilities Details 2012 2011 2010 Current Assets 11,267 4,604 2,762 Current Liabilities 1,052 899 978 Current proportionality 10.71 5.12 2.82 The ratio has been on the increase from year 2010 at 2.82 to 10.71 in year 2012. This indicates that Facebook capacity to pay its short-term obligations has been on the rise (Eljelly, 2004). In addition, the companys cash reserves have increased as tumesce as its marketable securities. However, the current liabilities have increased at a reduced rate over the three years compared to increase in current assets. document ratio This ratio indicates the number of propagation a firms inventory is sold and replaced over a given period. Low dollar volume shows poor sales, hence excess inventory whereas high ratio indicates effective buying or significant sales. Inventory turn over= sales/ Inventory Details 2012 2011 2010 Revenues 5,089 3,711 1,974 Inventory 0 0 0 Inventory turnover ratio 0 0 0 In this case, the ratio is not applicable since the arrangement does not deal with physical stocks. Facebook engages in sale of services and hence stock does not form part of its financials. Debt to equity ratio This ratio measures Facebook financial leverage by dividing all the liabilities by stockholders equity. The ratio indicates the part of equity and debt the company has applied to finance its assets. Debt/ Equity ratio= Total liabilities/ Shareholders Equity A high ratio indicates that a company finances its growth with excess debt capital, hence leading to vapourisable earnings due to high interest expense (Campbell, Hilscher & Szilagyi, 2008). Basically, if a companys operations are financed mainly through debt capital, the company may generate more earnings meaning it will have enough resources to cover costs of debt and also a return for shareholders. In the table below, it is evident that Facebook has systematically maintained equal portions (29%) of both debt and shareholders equity to finance it assets. Details 2012 2011 2010 Total Liabilities 3,348 1,432 1,002 Shareholders Equity 11,755 4,899 3,429 Debt/Equity Ratio 0.29 or 29% 0.29 or 29% 0.29 or 29% realise profit margin Net profit margin ratio shows the level of business profitability. It is computed using after-tax income that is then divided by revenue amount. Basically, the ratio indicates sales amount that is left after all expenses have been settled. Further, it

Strategy Book Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Strategy Book - Case Study ExampleThe sand dunes are the largest in the world, and they cover the largest coastal sand dune area in the USA (50 miles). The Stellar sea king of beasts rookery is the only one in the mainland 48 states (Essentix).Florence has impressive man-made resources, as well, including a rich memoir (Siuslaw Indians and loggers), a doll museum and pioneer artifacts museum, a sand dune golf course and an award-winning golf course. The Old Town has been tastefully restored. There is shopping, art, restaurants, river walks, historical buildings, live music and dancing. Peace Harbor hospital serves Western Lane County. There is an existing tourism industry (Essentix).All towns have weaknesses, however. Florences people is weighted unevenly on the side of senior citizens. According to the 2010 census, the median age is 57 (Wikipedia). I suspect this has a negative effect on available tax income, and would shape the town in a conservative direction, where stability is preferable to risky opportunities. An older population is probably not cunning to young people, and there might be insufficient motivation to relocate there.In considering opportunities, what stands out in my mind is healthy, natural living and tourism. Residents are mostly older, so health support is attractive to them. masses are living longer and want to feel good. Tourists want active, outdoor activities. That is why they come to Florence. For opportunity, we essential build on tourism and natural resources, perhaps targeting a group not currently targeted.Threats may include resistance to abrupt change, due to an older population. Expanding nature-based tourism is dependent on outsider cooperation, as well as insider cooperation. Florence is not as well-known as Newport and Coos Bay, although it is uniquely positioned.Based on my uprise analysis, it is clear that Florence is all about healthy, natural living and tourism. In googling Florence, this emphasis is quite vis ible. Although the town experienced

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Toward a Moral Economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Toward a Moral Economy - Essay Example fairish for the sake of their rights, some of the deal who were in favor of the justice and equality for exclusively raised their voices and thence the concept of moralistic economy were developed.There are different characteristics or the attributes, which can make any economy a moral and justified economy. The researchers are of the opinion that any economy can be perfect and moral just because of the implications and the practices in that particular duration. There are three main types of economies ground on the practices and the implications, i.e. Socialism, capitalism and the communism. Usually if we look over all the concepts and the attitudes of a socialist economy then we can say that socialism is the best moral economy.If we look at the historical perspectives of the disposal of a moral economy, the different sociologists have worked a lot on this discussion. The one common point of all the researchers is the basic foundation o f a moral economy. According to their point of view, the scotch activities influenced by the sentiments, values, norms, and opposite just thought patterns might contribute to make a moral economy. The contributions of different authors are discussed here in detailAdam Smith Adam Smith wrote two books containing great and inspirational concepts about the establishment of a moral economy. One book Wealth of the Nations is directly related to the ethical standards of an economy whereas the other book The Moral System gives a general frame work for the foundation of an economic system. In both of his books, Smith has tried to formulate general rules of justice and laws that should be implemented in an economic system. Adam Smith has even tried to pin point the process that can motivate the people to adopt ethical and moral laws so that they can work their best for the establishment of a moral economy at least on individual basis. Another high point of Smith writings is the formulatio n of two

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Personal Intellectual Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Personal Intellectual Development - undertake ExampleHis standards are ever high, and his expectations have zero tolerance for excuses. His firm stance on caliber in every aspect of life has always served as a driving force in my intellectual development. From how he monitored my initial stages of academic development to how he came up with a period that would forethought my personal studies, I just established a firm foundation that would bear intellectual fruits. His primary involvement at home came with assistance in dealing with homework, research and other forms of personal studies. nobody works magic as a dad who has time for his children. Every night was a consummate(a) review of work covered during the day. A timely response to my requests would have me a step forrad of my peers. He would work hard at daytime to meet my every kind of needs, meet fiscal requirements to keep me in one of the best schools in our state. Attending our activities day came with a through dub iousness of what I was doing at school. My performance came with rewards from him, motivation, encouragement, and sometimes a slap on my whole face. Sometimes I think about all these with my head down and put on a big grinning seeing the man he made me. Having had me in the school environment presented an open opportunity to palpate reads that would transform my academic approach. While dad was pulling strings at home, Alain de Bottons The Consolation of philosophical system was a source of inspiration for school. This read provided wisdom basics that have always been a chromatography column to lean on. Bottons assumes a tone of consolation as he helps the readers figure solutions to their everyday problems. I borrowed a great deal from Bottons perspectives as he cites the likes of Socrates and Epicurus philosophy (Botton). Botton taught me that as much as life has challenges, what matters is an attitude that helps you sort through the problem.

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Trifles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Trifles - Essay ExampleMrs. sanitary when she was Minnie Foster was a member of the sing but in the passing of time, became like bird caged in her own home, with no social family relationship with her neighborhood. The primary culprit to this conflict is the husband who, though has been known to be a good valet de chambre paying his debts and keeping his words, was also a hard man. The other character contributory to the conflict was Mrs. Hale who was the only person who could cast off at least been a friend and confidant of Mrs. Wright but chose non to be with the woman because her place has always been gloomy. She then realized the need she was not able to see to it in the life of her neighbor after the discovery of the dead canary with its neck wrung, similar to how Mr. Wright died for she somehow knew what happens in a home, which are almost true for everyone, only in different ways. The investigators representing the men in general, contributed to the problem through the ir reactions towards women in general. They have shown contempt over the things women busy and worry themselves with and have highlighted what could have been happening in the house of the couple between themselves before the murder.

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Tream paper Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Tream - stipulation Paper Example novel buildings still incorporate beauty of dodge in there morphological design which is in line with the old practice of pre- ripe architecture. According to a quote from Improvement of Modern Systems by Sitte- Our study has certainly demonstrated that it is not at all necessary to design modern city plans in as stereotyped a fashion as is the custom, that it is quite unnecessary to forfeit in them all the beauties of art and the attainments of the past, he confirms how pre-modern architecture focused on medal that were esthetical in value. In as far as the embellishment in modern architecture hold to maximize the good of all users, the necessity of stereotyped fashion that focused more on beauties of art was still somewhat of use in modern architecture. However, it is impractical to conceive cavity ceilings much best contrived comp atomic number 18d to those of the early churches. This is because they are at once, splendid, light, substan tial, and lofty. First, they are light, since, their principal strength anchors in the ribs and the intermediate spaces or the spandrils are packed in with small light stones. Secondly, they are substantial, since for every stone being have intercourse to the centre and forming the portions of the curve, when combined they are capable of thwarting immense pressure and the keys or the bosses wedging all together. Thirdly, they are beautiful, since for no ceiling is worth being conceived more elegant and graceful than an elongated perspective of lines and arches which gleam from exquisitely carved centers. Fourthly, they are lofty, since, not only in relation to the elevation at which these stone ceilings of early churches are placed, but also that their construction enables the clerestory windows to get carried up high with a crown of the arch inside the intermediate spaces. Pitch roof express beauty and slide kill snow Pre-modern architecture design utilized pitch roof so often. This is because of its perceived utility and beautiful appearance as opposed to the despicable look of flat roof. In pointed architecture, the pitch of roof is a subject in which certain useful observations might be made. One can find, on interrogative sentence that the extremely beautiful pitch of any roof or gable end is undoubtedly an mark satisfactorily steep to slide off snow with unwrap offering the slate as well perpendicular a strain, that is created by the two sides on equilateral triangle. When this form is departed from, the gable definitely appears either too widely spread or painfully acute. Every really beautiful form in ornamentation of architecture is actually based on soundest principles of utility. The Practical men know how fiat-pitched roofs, that are extremely ugly in appearance, are nothing more than an ill calculated roof incapable of resisting the action of weather. Moreover, in particular in slated roofs, gusts of wind in fact, blow under and also lift u p the covering. Purpose of ornamentation is a factor to consider in design work The purpose of ornamentation should come out clearly and be shown in the both internal and external appearance of any design work. decoration should clearly reveal the purpose unto which a building is to be put. A building for worship of God, for font should be different from the one used for settlements. A chapel should be different from house of residence. duomo should be differe

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The Stroke Risk Calculator Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The buffet Risk Calculator - Coursework ExampleThe drug user is placed in a particular jump on assemblage and then their probability to suffer from shooter is determined. The results obtained are also based on the age throng a person falls under. The rating results are provided in either lower than average, average or higher than average of a person in a particular age group. To analyze the stroke probability in a person, the likewisel enquires on several causing factors. Firstly, the gender of the user is required, the user is then placed in an age group. Questions on the health status of a person are requested. For instance, the tool asks on medical history of condition like diabetes, irregular pulse, fibro muscular dysplasia and transient ischaemic attack (UCLA Stroke Center, 2015). Social factors like smoking are then analyzed. The elderly population is the nigh likely age group to be suffer from stroke. In an argument by Birkett (2012) the population is comprised of too many insecurity factors as influenced by aging thus a great stroke take a chance. However, the adventure factors in older adults are significantly influenced by the lifestyle at a jr. age. For this reason, the younger age groups are a significant target population as older adults. In addition, the risk calculator can be of great importance to younger adults than older adults. This is based on that risk causing factors in older adults are irreversible. In younger adults changes in lifestyle and seeking grievous health care may reduce the probability of suffering from stroke at an older age (Birkett, 2012). For the older population the tool may also be effective in analyzing their stroke risks status. similarly to the younger age groups, older adults may also feel the need to change their lifestyle to minimise their stroke risk. For instance, an older adult may be advised to stop smoking or deglutition due to a high probability of them having stroke.

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Analysis and comparison of the presentation of the prologue Essay Example for Free

Analysis and comparison of the presentation of the prologue judgeThe prologue is the introduction, which gives an overview of the play. It give notice (of)s us what happens at the end of the play, in this case in Romeo and Juliet it is told in the introduction, for example the lines, a equate of star-crossd lovers take their life, doth with their death bury their p bents strife. These both lines say that Romeo and Juliet both deep in love with individu exclusivelyy different, die at the end of the play, the reason universe that their parents hated to each one other. It be expressions sets the scene of charming Verona and it explains the contents of the play, Two ho characterholds, and break to new mutiny.The prologue is state by the chorus. This means it is an idea of a collection of people taken from ancient Greek tradition. The prologue does not introduce the audience to the characters in the play it vindicatory talks briefly nigh the events within the play. A pro logue at the beginning of a play is a style commonly used by Shakespeare to open up a play. It is as well common that Shakespeare uses the use of a sonnet to produce the prologues. A sonnet al ways has fourteen lines in total. It is a in truth precise piece of poetry. The rhyme scheme is very tight and controlled- a,b,a,b,c,d,c,d,e,f,e,f,g,g.They consist of three quatrains with a utmost rhyming couplet. It is very controlled, yet very subtle. You would tend to notice the theme telling first and therefore later imbibe that it is a poem with rhythm. There are ten syllables in each line, a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. It is self consciously dramatic. It emphasises its purpose in telling the story, Is instantly the twain hours traffic of our stage. It directly tells the audience to pay attention, The which if you with patient ears attend, what here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend, and the play im disrupt develop from what the prologue has been reveal ing.In Franco Zefirellis production of Romeo and Juliet, the prologue is very brief and short. The photo starts off with the details, the inauguration c releaseit. The typeface to the credits is in white and in a quite gothic style of writing making it add in with the traditional theme. While the details are indisposedly appea rally on the sort out, around the screen there is a thin border of orange geometric shapes on a yellow background. As the border is so bright and colourful, it is able to immediately catch the audiences eyes and therefore grabs their attention. The border suggests a very sixties styles.You would probably expect a more formal, dusky edged kind of border. A soft and slow melody played on a harpsichord plays quietly in the background. The encumbrance that Zefirelli tries to create here is to create a nice chill out beginning to the play. In centering integrity, you fundament see the camera panning over the city of Fair Verona and slightly out of focu s. The light is blue and hazy, step by step brightening up as the camera pans, suggesting that it is dawn. The colour of the light in the sky shining over the city, creates a dreamy and peaceful put up, and adds to the beauty of the city that is being proven.You could only just make out the top of tall buildings and churches at first, but as it gradually gets lighter, the buildings and other features become more into focus. The rooftops of houses, church spires and a river are seen open(a)ly. You are able to feel the quietness of the city in the early morning, which once more gives the effect of the city being very calm and peaceful. The camera pans round the whole city, and then moves up towards the insolate and stop with the sun being directly in the middle of the screen shot. The sun suggests the hot unknown climate of a hot foreign country, such as Italy.Shakespeares name appears when the camera has stop panning and centre on the sun. All of this equals wholeness contin uos shot. The panning is slow, and the brightening of the day is slow, creating a slow pace to the shot. It gives me the outcome of a slow climax to the prologue, getting more and more intense as it goes along, and stopping at the sun gives me the impression that it represents the end, with an either tragic end or a very happy end. I think that it is severe to relate to the whole play itself, with the gradual climax with an intense ending.Throughout shot one, the speaker system easily recites the prologue in a poetic style. He speaks slowly going with the steady flow of the slow interrogative of the panning of the camera, so that it would not effect the backgrounds creation of peace. The speaker of the prologue is a man whose voice is gentle, soothing and Adonic as he echoes the prologue. He still speaks when going into the second shot. Shot two is of a gothic courtyard. In front of the courtyard there is the city fence in with battlements made of stone and brick, which give s the impression of the picture being in the medieval times.The camera stops moving and shows the shot of the courtyard while the speaker finishes reciting the prologue. As he completes his speech of the prologue, the camera moves slightly round to the left, which shows that where the camera is next to the city wall, it is also one of the ends of a sprightly marketplace. The suns golden bright morning light shines over the city wall and through with(predicate) the street of the marketplace, representing that it is the start of a new day. The sound of the hustle and bustle of a busy marketplace gradually builds up and the first act of the first scene begins there.This effect is to bring in the play with a more calm start and not rushing into the play with a polar shot, bringing the audience into a slow and calm beginning. Zefirelli does not create any considerable particular(a) effects. The title of the play, Romeo and Juliet appears as the speaker says the dustup star-crossed lovers. Zefirellis purpose of having the title and the words star-crossed lovers coming up at the same time, is to reinforce visually and aurally the main point of the play that it is a tragic story about the lovers Romeo and Juliet.Baz Luhrmanns version of the prologue is done in much more detail and is forceful a huge amount more. Luhrmann tries to grab the attention of the audience with very fast moving screen shots and very sparkly music. The first shot that comes up on the screen is of a TV with a blank screen, and the outgo between the camera and the TV is very far, making the TV look very small in the remoteness. The first sound is the fuzziness of a TV, and then on the screen of the TV, the opening credits are displayed on white tiles with a black background.The contrast between the colours gives a very slap-up effect. This gives a very different first effect on the audience compared to Zefirellis opening shot. Luhrmanns first shot of the bold white tiles with a black background, gets the audiences attention straight away. After the credits, a female news reader appears on the TV screen, and she reads aloud the prologue. She says the prologue like reading aloud a news report kinda than in a poetic sonnet way. This makes the prologue subtle and it makes the audience think twice before realising that it is the prologue that she is saying.The subtle speaking of the prologue differs with Zefirellis make of the prologue being obvious to opening up the film. Beside the newsreader in the background, there is a small picture with some textbook underneath it. As the camera is in the far distance, it makes it nasty to see what the picture and text are, which makes the audience wonder what it is. While the newsreader is saying the prologue, the camera subtly zooms in directly towards the screen, and the picture in the corner gradually comes into focus. The picture is of a broken ring with the text underneath it saying Star crossd lovers.The symbolism of the broken ring is that the lovers end up being torn away from each other. After the newsreader says the twelfth line of the prologue, the camera unawares separates up speeds and zooms right into the TV screen, through a high street. At the same time the words, Fair Verona continuously flashes up in white with a black background. From the zooming, it has merged from one background into another. This sudden pick up of speed would as if wake up the audience and shocking them as the screen had suddenly gone from one shot to another.This is very unlike Zefirellis presentation of the prologue, as he keeps his prologue simple and calm all the way through, whereas Luhrmann uses the effect of zooming and flash bulb words up creating a dramatic scene. The reason of flashing the words, Fair Verona while the camera rushes down the high street, is to make the audience under stand the comparison and realise exactly how fair Verona really is in his version of the film. It shows a decaying ur ban landscape contradicting fair Verona. The font style of the writing is bold like Arial, and is in block capitals, making it clear to the audience what it says.In Zefirellis, as the camera pans over the city, you can see that Verona is very pretty and fair, as the prologue says it is. As the camera reaches the end of the street, the camera is suddenly focused on the face of a statue, which was far in the distance from where the zooming into the street began. Very dramatic music starts to be played loudly, which produces a boastfullyger effect on grabbing the audiences attention. The camera then pulls back to view the tops of two corporate buildings with the statue in the middle. The buildings have big signs on the top of them.They are the names of the two households, Capulet and Montague. They are in different colours, Capulet in red and Montague in blue. The differences in the colours emphasise the difference between the two. The effect of having the statue splitting the two bui ldings up is to make the point clear, that the two households need something or someone to keep them apart to avoid create major trouble in the city, as they absolutely despise each other. The statue shown actually represents saviour Christ. It is Jesus Christ who is trying to control the families and bringing some peace to the city.In Zefirellis version, the point that the two families cannot stand each other is not stress. As the prologue is said in the same tone and way all the way through and the pictures are just of how fair Verona is, does not give a definite and clear point that the two households are major enemies. Luhrmann makes it visual to the audience, the hate between the two families. The next part of the introduction to Luhrmanns production of Romeo and Juliet, is of a rapid chain of clips from one to the other including clips of law cars with VBPD on the side of them standing for Verona Beach Police Department.This is shown to tell the audience that this is Veron a Beach and not fair Verona. The chain of clips also includes clips of helicopters, clips of the disaster from different viewpoints, some far up in the sky, some close up to casualties who were injured, and the disparage done to the city by this one disaster brought up be move of the hate between the Capulets and the Montagues. The disaster is emphasised in this rapid succession of clips, to stress how much damage can be caused by one accompanying done by the two families.It also makes the audience think and imagine if this one incident caused so much damage, the amount of damage that they probably had done to the city in the past and what would be done in the future. The prologue is said once again while another soma of images utilize other media of newspaper articles and magazine covers appear. This time, the prologue is said by a character whom is actually in the play, referring to how the prologue is traditionally said by the chorus. The character who speaks the prologue is Friar Lawrence, and he says it in a poetic way, and this time the rhythm of a sonnet is emphasised.A man with a soft, gentle and low voice speaks the prologue like it is in Zefirellis production. This is one similarity that the two productions have. As he speaks, some words of the prologue is emphasised by magazine headlines appearing, using the effect of spinning one on top of the other. The headlines include New Mutiny and Civil declination Makes Civil Hands Unclean. These headlines are to tell the audience and remind them the symbolism and reasoning behind each word in the prologue. There is also a faint background of burning flames when these headlines appearing as if showing the damage done.The images however, some are of like modern day newspapers and magazines. The camera slowly pans through a rack of different covers, and the headline of each newspaper and magazine are all referring to the brawl caused between the two households, emphasising that they produce big issues in the city. Other images in this group of images include law of nature taking charge of the situation in a live kind of view, showing how fast the police and other services had to respond to reduce the risk of more damage happening. The police and fire departments had to track down into the night with the clearing up of the situation.This is known as the images are taken from broad daylight into the dark night. These images give the audience a visual understanding of how bad it is of the two households hating each other, which can cause so many innocent people in the city to be harmed. As the speaking of the prologue comes to an end, with the two lines A pair of star crossd lovers, take their life with the lines shown in white writing on a black background. This effect by now would be recognised by the audience by now as it had been used before to state the words Fair Verona.This effect of repeating jogs the audiences memories reminding them again and again the importance of the li nes in the prologue. As the prologue stops being spoken, the same dramatic music becomes loud again. for each one of the main characters are shown one by one with a pause on each with the text describing who each of the characters are and how they are either related to Romeo or Juliet or what the purpose of the character is in the film. This presentation of the character echoes the style of how it was done in famous program called Dallas.In Zefirellis version, the characters were not introduced and the film got right into the first scene once the prologue was spoken. A shot of Romeo looking through the narrow chess opening of a door appears, and then the camera immediately changes its angle to show what he see, which is a church aisle with blue neon crosses and candles. The angles that these two shots were taken were both through a narrow opening of the door. The first shot was taken from the inside of the church looking at Romeo, the man standing away the door, and the second sh ot was taken from the outside of the door looking into the church.It emphasises what Romeo had seen, which the audience can assume is Juliet fabrication on the alter at the end of the aisle, Romeo thinking that she had really died. It also symbolises with that it was the conclusion and the end, viewing Romeo and the crosses, show that they were linked together and producing the idea of death. There was one more series of fast moving clips and a rush of lines as a final wind up to the prologue. There are a variety of different clips of things that happen from the beginning of the play to the end. The repeating of the clips again and again produce permanent images into the minds of the audience.The prologue ends with the words take their life and move onto the first act. The words take their life are stated to tell the audience that the story line would conclude with something relevant to it. I think that it is a new proficiency Luhrmann has used. He uses the technique of grabbing th e attention of the audience and makes them concentrate. The prologue being reinforced by being presented for the third time, does not makes the audience get bored and tire of the clips being seen and seen again, but make them more excited about the film.I think that both Zefirelli and Luhrmann were trying to represent Romeo and Juliet in a different way, with different techniques. The prologue was of furrow figureed differently. Zefirelli presented the prologue in his production in a gentle and calm way all the way through giving the audience a good idea of the peace and beauty of Verona. Luhrmann of course presented the prologue in a different way, almost a complete contrast to what Zefirelli did. He changed Fair Verona into urban sprawled Verona.I think that the presentations of the prologue were both appropriate for their interpretations because Zefirelli wanted to keep his production of Romeo and Juliet original and alike Shakespeare. Luhrmann wanted to interpret the play into something slightly more modern and unlike Shakespeares original version. In Luhrmanns production he emphasised the complications between the two households and the alterations he had made to the film, like how he set his production in an urban city and called it Verona Beach instead of setting it in the original city of Verona in Italy.

Codon bias in E. Coli Essay Example for Free

Codon persuade in E. Coli EssayThe nature of the cistron codon varies among organisms. Codon preferences have been considered on the perspectives of translational efficiency and fidelity and the selective and non selective biases operating during DNA arranging replication and repair processes. Variations in tRNA on codon bias of in high spiritsly explicit divisors during rapid evolution phase of E. coli exist. Codon selectivity is influenced by codon/anticodon interaction strength, site specific codon biases, time of replication, codon context, or evolutional age.Codon preferences among agent classes in E. coli ar grouped according to the following comparisons correlation of codon biases with level of gene expression, organisation of genome according to genome partitions based on size, codons use for genes characterized by function and cellular localization of gene products, gene size, comparisons t chapeau divide all genes by similarity of codon system or amino acid us age or similarity of a reduced set of amino acid or codons and characterization of alien genes. The Codon Adaptation Index (CIA) is a qualitative measure for assessing codon bias.Ribosomal protein (RP) genes and membrane genes atomic number 18 genes that ar highly expressed during fast process and CIA and codon bias (CB) determine are inversely correlated with respect to RP genes. Most ribosomal proteins are highly expressed during the E. coli exponential growth phase during which close genes facilitating translation are highly expressed. Codon preferences differ among highly expressed genes relative to the just gene for certain amino acid types, especially disparities for alanine, aspartine, histidine, isoleucine, phenealanine, threonine and valine.There is a high correlation between optimal codons and level of gene expression. In relation to E. coli genes, codon biases generally increase with increasing protein molecular cant over abundance. Codon usage differences genera lly decrease with respect to protein molecular abundance when compared to RP. Negative correlation in the breaker point of protein molar abundance relative to tRN genes or other sub classes of the translation functional category is non evident.The molar abundance and codon usage differences unequivocally correlate negatively with the RP gene family and positively with the average E. coli gene respectively. The E. coli genome is homogeneous with relatively weak codon biases among the genes distributed over the genome. Codon bias does not depend on timing in the replication cycle except secure the ter region. The deviation in codon usage from RP and tRN genes is most emphatic at ter region. Relative codon usage bias among 5 pose and 3 parts of genes in E.coli show that the middle and the last troika of genes are more similar in codon usage than either is to the initial troika of the gene.There also exists a difference in the frequencies of 3 G+C near the oriC than near the ter r egion. Different bacterial genomes display variation in their overall G and C content, attributed to varying mutational mechanisms and processes. For eukaryotic genomes site 3 G+C frequencies decrease with increasing gene length. Alien genes are characterized in terms of extreme codon bias relative to average E.coli genes and high relative to RPs.These genes are of isolated function and are either GC rich or AT rich. Extremes in codon bias are for identifying pathogenicity islands and developing gene classes reflecting difference expression levels in untypical events. When the genome is divided into contigs, gene classes and dicodon bias is most pronounced between the gene classes of the region about the oriC versus the ter region. Dicodon bias increases with gene size and compared to the average gene dicodon biases are constant throughout the genome.When genes are divided into thirds, the dicodon biases of the 5 third, middle third . 3 third parts of genes are similar though level of bias is about twice that of straight codon bias. Codon and dicodon bias correlations for E. coli genes were evaluated for level of expression, contrast along genes, size of contigs around genome and gene size classes. Explanations for codon bias have snarled combinations of selection and mutational pressures.The RPs and amminoacyl tRNA synthetases are highly expressed gene classes during exponential growth of E.coli. Codon biases for RP genes are much more extreme than for tRN genes. The greater the abundance a gene product, the more its codon usage resembles hat of RPs, but this is not the case for comparisons to tRN genes or protein genes essential to translational activities. For gene classes RP and tRN, the source of codon bias differs significantly. RP are among the most deviant from the average E. coli gene. It is suggested that codon usage and tRNA abundance are correlated for highly expressed genes to match substrate levels with cellular demands.Hence RP genes which are small single domain proteins show high codon usage correlation with overall E. coli codon usage and tRNA do not show this bias although they are highly expressed. The middle and final 3? end of genes entail the same levels of codon biases. The rare codon hypothesis for domains and substitute(prenominal) structures argues that the use of repetitive rare codons might reduce translational rate and induce translation pauses allowing protein domains and adapted secondary structures to fold into native structural conformation.There are differences in prokaryotic and eukaryotic translational mechanisms. These differences may be important in translation initiation or early stages of translation. Highly slanted slowly translated codon pairs are more closely correlated with levels of expression than with protein length. Understanding basis of codon usage is of liaison with respect to fundamental evolutionary questions, gene prediction, gene classification and design of optimal expression vectors. Codon usage programs are essential for gene finding and analysis of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes.

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The Red Convertible Essay Example for Free

The flushed Convertible EssayIn The Red Convertible, Louise Erdrich combines a coming of age floor of two indwelling American brothers with an allegory of the struggle of Native Americans to adapt to and live in the reality controlled by White Americans. The title The Red Convertible is a play on words describing the attempts of Native Americans or Redskins as they are called in bad movies from the 1950s to convert to the lifestyle of the white people.In the first part of the story Lyman recounts his ability to make silver easily in the white world. He is the only Native American boy allowed to shine shoes in the local American Legion, he sells spiritual bouquets for the nuns from the mission, and he takes a job at the Joliet Caf at the age of fifteen and becomes its owner. He seems destine to be a success in the white world.When Lyman and his older brother henry combine their money on a trip to Winnipeg, they are able to buy a red Oldsmobile convertible. Using this moto r simple machine for transportation, the Lamartine brothers set out on a trip along the United States-Canadian border and on to Alaska. He remembers nothing that he has seen of the white world. Instead Lyman remembers the time fatigued in a place with willows (Erdrich pageboy number no comma). Here he feels comfortable and at peace. Lyman also remembers with pleasure the time spent in Alaska where he felt like an animal in nature (Erdrich page number no comma).When Lyman and Henry return to the reservation, Henry is drafted into the Marines and sent to Vietnam. Soon after arrival he is captured and remains a prisoner of war for three years. When he returns home, Henry has changed for the worse. An important part of him has been lost in the war.In the spring after his return, he and Lyman drive the red convertible to the Red River to see the high water. succession watching the water, Henry reaches a decision about his life, I know it. I cant help it. Its no use (Erdrich page numbe r no comma). Briefly, Lyman finds himself hoping that the old Henry as finally returned, but his hopes are frustrated when Henry suddenly stands, dives in the river and allows himself to drown. Lyman realizes Henry has killed himself because he no longer is able to exist in either the white world or with his people.After Henry disappears beneath the water, Lyman allows the car to roll into the river. This action symbolizes his rejection of the white way that destroyed his older brother. He destroys his car and now walks every where he goes. He is no longer content to be a Red Convertible.Works CitedErdrich, Louise. The Red Convertible. Name of book story is located in italics. Ed. Editors name or label for more than one editor. Place of Publication such as Toronto Publisher, year of publication, pages of story.

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Fractional Distillation of Crude Oil Essay Example for Free

Fractional Distillation of Crude embrocate EssayAim To investigate the substances assumption off at different temperatures from crude oil (petroleum) mixture. tool* Fractional Distillation trumperyware and thermometer* Clamp stand x 2* Conical flask* hand over of cold water* Rubber tubes x 2* Test tube rack* Small glass test tubes x 5* Rubber stopper x 5* Evaporating wash-hand basin* Micro bunsen burner Burner and bench mat* Wooden Splint* Stopwatch* Boiling st nonpareils* Crude Oil supply order1. Set up the clamps stands and the fractionating glassware as shown in the diagram.2. concern the rubber tubes to the two open tubes of the condenser. 3. Connect the other end of the rubber tubing to a water tap and let the other whiz flow into a basin. Turn on the tap.4. Place two boiling stones into the conical flask and because pour in the crude oil into the flask. Place the flask right above the micro-burner as shown in the diagram.5. Heat the crude oil mixture slowly. Record at which temperature one of the compounds in the mixture evaporate, and and then collect it in the small test tube after it passes through the condenser.6. Repeat step 5 until maximum temperature has been r all(prenominal)ed and/or no more compounds evaporate.7. Test the compounds which were collected. Light them in an evaporating basin and record the clip it takes to run out.ResultsData Table of Results of Hydrocarbons testedHydrocarbon CompoundBoiling Point Range (C)ColourviscosityPentane36 40ColourlessVery economic crisis ViscosityHexane66 69ColourlessLow ViscosityHeptane90 94Very slightly cloudyViscous liquidKerosene (Paraffin) 250 browned blackHigh ViscosityConclusionThese results prove to us that starting linely, crude oil being a mixture of several hydrocarbons, that the mixture provided was a simulation. Secondly, there are noticeable trends in the hydrocarbons. As the molecules gets heavier and heavier, by which I mean that we go from pentane to Hexane and so on, t he viscosity of the compound increases, as well as the snip taken for it to burn up completely. The boiling point also increases.These hydrocarbons belong to the first organic homologous series Alkanes. Alkane molecules are completely saturated and each carbon soupcon has at least 2 hydrogen atoms disposed to it. Apart from the two end carbon atoms, the other ones are attached to two other carbon atoms each. A covalent bond between a carbon atom and a hydrogen atom is strong, and a bond between two carbon atoms is also strong. It and so takes a lot of energy to overcome this bond, and hence a higher temperature and more time is take to break these compounds apart. The more carbon atoms an alkane possesses, the more energy is needed to break it apart. This explains the increasing boiling points, and is also one of the principal(prenominal) reasons why hydrocarbons are used as fuels.Kerosene was the only one of the four hydrocarbons which could not be heated to its boiling point and hence the temperature recorded is the one that was given to us. It did, however, last the longest when it was burned. Therefore that result coincides with the one that was given to us. Its other properties which could be verified behave given us further proof of the fact that its temperature is higher than the other hydrocarbons.Also related to the viscosity, the encumbrance of each hydrocarbon also increased as the viscosity increased. By the time kerosene was being handled, a really wide margin of difference could be felt from pentane.EvaluationWeaknessImprovement1The equipment available was not enough to determine the boiling point of KeroseneGet a big burner and heat the kerosene to its boiling point2The difference in viscosity between the first two hydrocarbons was hard to tellMeasure the poise of the two compounds and record the difference3The evaporating basin in which the hydrocarbons were heated was the same all throughoutUse a different evaporating basin for each c ompounds so that the heat from the previous test does not affect the next test4The main mixture provided to us was not actual crude oil, simply a simulated substituteTo tack all of the compounds found in crude oil use a mixture which contains all of them miscellanea of obvious

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Impact of Wikileaks on the Global Political and Economic Landscape Essay Example for Free

Impact of Wikileaks on the Global Political and Economic Landscape Es affirmIntroductionWikiLeaks website has changed the occupation of journalism in the united States and the media perspective with its flow in the information society. The website is a programme that helps uncloak all the corruption activities going on in the regime offices. Of all the media platforms WikiLeaks is the most famous for the give-and-take updates on political matters happening in the states and some the globe. Wilileaks has contri preciselyed to several(prenominal) media conflicts curiously between the United States and both(prenominal) other nations and that is why the brass does not support its activities at all. In my essay, I am going to explore the un manage slipway in which WikiLeaks has helped unmask several criminal and corruption activities going on in the country. Although some of its news are a bit compromising to the security and dignity of the nation the platform has given light to the state of the United States of America.Wikileaks is a non-profitable and non-commercial net profit platform that was introduced in 2006 by Julia Assage. It relies on online donation for all its functioning and funding. Its main purpose is to upload written documents that help expose the organization and corporate institutions to the public. These documents are uploaded anonymously by victimization an online submission form. The importance of this platform is that it has the potential to make out to know the scale of brutality and violence especially in the military welfare.Political honesty is a sexual abstention that e truly U S politician should exercise and with the help of Wikileaks they de stand upr no option scarcely observe it. In other words, a journalist platform watchdog makes secrets transparent to all and especially those involving the public. Most media organization has tried to view groups like WikiLeaks in several dimensions with most of them co nsidering its concrete actions as one of the online activism and the impacts of its actions. It is important to first note the relationship between the two groups, media and giftment. In most incidences the media evermore seems to be conflicting with the governance over issues regarding the people. Platforms like WikiLeaks are great threat to the state government especially in issues of corruption and law (Shirky, 2011, p.41).Through their online activism, Anonymous and WikiLeaks groups chip in their agency to unmask power structures like the corrupt police departments in the US, and all the Armison brutality activities. While WikiLeaks has comeed fame as a pennywhistle blowing site since its introduction in 2006, its reputation increased when it expellingd the so-called Iraq and Afghanistan war document in 2010. This document contained intent-or-death and important information most the events that took place and the people and nations responsible for the war. The United States government was not happy with the release of these documents as they posed great d raise of terror attacks by either Iraq or Afghanistan. These two countries are known for their fierce terrorism activities and interfering with them would be like provoking them.The release of these documents brought well-nigh a number of questions concerning the legal implication of journalism freedom with top government officials claiming that too much freedom will lead to mis map of information or misinterpretation of some crucial and sensitive information (Springer, 2014, p.411).Actions of WikiLeaks have affected the media platform in conf practised concrete ways.The likes of Tambini and Lynch have tried to investigate the implication of WikiLeaks work and the measures to regulate the censorship of related sites especially in the UK and US. They implore that whistle blowing organizations should be awarded protection under the law on their ability to self-regulate and develop ethical prin ciples to govern their freedom of publication and decisions they make on their work. The platform poses a great threat to the government and politicians and there are fears that if allowed to continue with its activities it will cause a lot of harm to the U S government by ex comprise sensitive government secrets to the world. Other nations also feel that WikiLeaks should be restricted on some publications because some of the information it exposes might cause a lot of friction especially between nations.The rise of WikiLeaks since its establishment up to the publication of the Iraq and Afghanistan document was marked by a degree of media fascination, which made it gain a lot of fame compared to other media platforms. This posed a great threat to the media personalities who felt that WikiLeaks was gaining fame with each transient day making their work very difficult to appeal their audience. Its turnaround moment came in 2010 and keep to 2011 when the organization produced a lot of materials and documents regarding the Iraq war, the Collateral Murder Video and the diplomatic cable.There have been several attempts by media organizations to look down on the role of cites like WikiLeaks and deny them the freedom to post clandestine documents although these attempts have not succeeded because the platform is under the media authority which protects all its activities. It also describes itself as a watchdog for the people we believe that it is not only the people of the United States who should keep their government honest but also people from other countries and that is why other countries are also opposing Wikileaks activities. (Pozen, 2013, p.635).We can say that wikiLeaks has played a great role in ensuring that congress does not curse the powers granted to it and its members. He makes information about organizations that abuse powers granted to them available to the public and so they are aware of what their leadership do this makes leaders very keen on what they do. Anonymous submission of analyzed documents about the various activities going on in public offices and organizations are presented on the WikiLeaks website enabling millions of viewers to have companionship of what is happening behind the curtains of power. The difference between WikiLeaks and other sites like Wikipedia is that it engages mostly in the political struggles.The use of media has become a trend in the United States making the latter transparent and exposing those who try to abuse office powers granted to them. Today we live in a world where technology is the main position to shaping the lives of m either people. The internet is now being used as an eye of power to assume various aspects of crimes performed by leaders especially in third world countries (Coleman, 2014, p.406).Based on various aspects of tradition we can define power as the disposition over the means required to put to work various processes and decisions in our daily lives. this means that the power to control several issues like political influences and dissemination of resources can be distributed in a more systematic way.Democracy is the only way to master there is equal distribution and exercise of both political and cultural powers. Organizations like WikiLeaks exist because we live in an era where political and cultural powers are not exercised fairly as expected. Any government that exercises its powers as expected should not have any worries about organizations set to scan their activities. They should instead be supporting such groups so that they can display their good work on these sites. The United States government highly opposes such organizations like Wikileaks because they are afraid that their dirty linens will be exposed to the public.depth psychology shows that the most important element of WikiLeaks is to make the Obama government practice transparency in their works and offices, establish a more transparent, and open government. The platfor m defines itself as a liberal project that protects the rights of the United States people especially freedom of speech because it strengthens democracy by exposing government corruption. He places his emphasis on documenting government and corporate irresponsibility and abuse of powers. This shows the general public that the corrupt government is the main problem in the worlds economy and is pulling development behind. kinda of improving the livelihood of their nations politicians are interest engaging themselves embezzling funds and resources meant to improve the development of their citizens.There has been an emerging body geared at seeking a framework to examine the works of WikiLeaks and its impact on the current situation in the U S. The widespread use of technology has made his work a success in various ways and has brought a great impact to the worlds economy. Following the publication of the Iraq documents the United States government hard criticized WikiLeaks work. The government claimed that these documents were a great threat to the security of their country and could put the citizens at a very high risk of terror attacks by the Afghanistan government (Springer, 2014, p.411).The truth about the WikiLeaks documents is that they got the potential and ability to make visible the amount of brutality and violence especially in military horror conflicts during their activities because some use a lot of brutality on their subjects. The site is political based since most of its news come from the political arena, although many view it as a threat to ruling groups and they see it as an enemy. Instead criticizing such cites we should base our efforts in monitoring the governance offered by our political leaders. We should ask ourselves are our political leaders meeting all our demands and expectations. Do they take advantage of the powers granted to them to abuse office? In fact, we should ensure that we capture every activity they undertake so that we ca n be sure of what they do with our money. They should be aware that the public is watching their every move and be conscious of their actions.There has been a problem with scientists arguing that the journalism powers and freedom granted to these sites are too much and they are using them inappropriately to create biased information. Most leaders are unable to verify the facts stated in the articles because they do not have a strong background. This makes the general public doubt their potential and honor in the accused incidents. Some of these articles have very confidential information about the government and exposing them is like displaying the secrets of a state. The scientist claims that there should be a certain limit to the freedom of publication of such documents to the internet because they may cause a great damage in future (Gibson 2013, p. 314).In my study, I have explored several things and have learnt that journalism benefits from a disclosure of the framework in whic h it is built. A journalism mystify is bound to directly or in directly affects the model in which leaking of important documents will be exposed to the public. In my opinion, WikiLeaks models are the most effective journalism models since they abide to the entire ethic. Real life cases are always the best examples to handle and solve situations and that is why it is advisable in some situations to throw behind the easy scenarios to get the best outcome to fit in the world.Most critiques of Wikileaks have released their anger by claiming that exposing secret documents will pose great danger to Americans. For instance, if you expose concrete information about a certain terror group the group is bound to take revenge on you by conducting a terror attack on you. Some of the publishers do not look at the possibilities of posing danger to the people but stick to the fact that the public has the right to know what is happening around them regardless of the intensity of the matter. It is therefore advisable that these journalists are cautious of what they publish to the public to avoid any conflicts. I believe that journalists have the right to publish what they want and help the public know about their government on the basis that they abide by the rules put in place to govern their publications.ReferencesCurran, G, Gibson, M 2013, WikiLeaks, Anarchism and Technologies of Dissent,Antipode, 45, 2, pp. 294-314, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 28 November 2014.Springer, S, Chi, H, Crampton, J, McConnell, F, Cupples, J, Glynn, K, Warf, B, Attewell, W 2012, Leaky Geopolitics The Ruptures and Transgressions of WikiLeaks,Geopolitics, 17, 3, pp. 681-711, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 28 November 2014.Youngblood Coleman, D 2014, United States 2014 Country Review,United States Country Review, pp. 1-981, Business get-go Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 28 November 2014.Coleman, DY 2014, Afghanistan,Afghanistan Country Review, pp. 2-406, Busine ss Source Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 28 November 2014.Pozen, DE 2013, The Leaky Leviathan Why The Government Condemns And Condones Unlawful Disclosures Of Information,Harvard Law Review, 127, 2, pp. 512-635, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 28 November 2014.Shirky, C 2011, The Political Power of Social Media,Foreign Affairs, 90, 1, pp. 28-41, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 28 November 2014.

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Essentials of College Writing Essay Example for Free

Essentials of College Writing EssayPeer redact is an evaluative mode of judging or critiquing compose text with the valuable engagement of peers. The purpose of makeup inwardly the linguistic context of peer editing is to compile a text that will be able to incite responses, not only from people in authority who oversee the writing process (ex. teachers, professors, technical writing instructors, and so on ), but as well as from an individuals peers. The process of peer editing follows the writing process, the reading process, the critiquing session, and the rewriting process. Peer editing allows the expression of comments or suggestions regarding a write text which an individual may use to modify errors within the text, notice ambiguous elements that def depletes the purpose of a cohesive radical, and draw out additional information that be instrumental in improving the written text. (Adger, Wolfram, Christian, 2007) The overall result of peer editing is the impro vement of literacy or skills in writing. (Topping Ehly, 1998) Perhaps, it is also important to reiterate that peer editing allows individuals to identify errors or mistakes in the writing process that may be unknown to them.The diversity of peer characters and points of views allows one to look at the theme and quality of written bestows from different angles, allowing a writer to complete a written flex clearly and concisely. What are some of the techniques a team can use to integrate various writers tame into one cohesive inventory? Integrating various written whole works into a cohesive document should follow a series of steps. The first step is to read all the written works conservatively in rule to identify the main points and focus of each text.The team should thusly group or categorize written works according to their similarities in meaning, theme, or points of view. Once this is accomplished, the team should agree on the organization or framework of the single docu ment they will be working on depending on the ideas or information drawn from the grouped or categorized written works. This process is similar to constructing an limn that will become the basis of the targeted cohesive document. Moreover, constructing an outline will require a team to identify what the focus of the article would be, what work will best fit in the introduction, the body, or the conclusion, etc.The future(a) step would be to fill in parts of the outline, such(prenominal) that main and valuable points from each written work of team members will be drawn out to be integrated into the outline of the targeted cohesive document. At this point, the team is prepared to layout the finished document. What is the purpose and historical academic use of the APA style and why is it important to use APA style? The American Psychological Association or APA is a common quotation mark style utilized by professionals in their written works. Its use is most common in the cordial sc iences.The content of the APA citation style is usually the author and the year of publication, as well as the cognomen of work and the imprint. Other elements of written works designed under the framework of the APA style include the computer address list, intext citations, headers, page numbering, and page margins. (Hajnal, 1997) The origin of the APA citation format is traced back to a discussion between professionals who write journals with anthropology and psychology as subjects. It was a way to set a standard of writing for journals in order to promote structure and organization in the formality of writing professional articles.After this discussion, the APA published a written work containing writing standards and guidelines. (Hunter, 2007) The importance of utilizing the APA style is to organize a written body of work by structuring the writing styles and citation references into something formal or standard. Standardized writing will benefit readers in such a way that rea ding other journals is recognizable and comprehensible. (Seas Driscoll, 2007) Aside from this purpose, the significance of utilizing APA as a writing guide ensures clarity, consistency and unity all throughout the body of the written work or article.(APA Style) For authors or writers, following the APA format or writing style is a means of steadfast by rules set forth a particular publication in this case, publications that publish written works of professionals in fields wherein the APA writing style is commonly used (such as psychology, sociology, education, nursing, etc. ). (Frequently Asked Questions) handle what is meant by Parallel Structures in the writing process. Abiding by the rules of parallel structure during the writing process, an author or writer should present equally important thoughts and ideas appropriately.This means that if a sentence calls for the presentation of several(prenominal) thoughts or ideas that are within the same level of importance, structure, or content, these should be written as such. No thought or idea should go against the flow of thoughts, especially in form. For instance, a sentence calls for the roll of activities that a person does in the morning. If the form of the verbs being enumerated are in the present tense, they should be written as such waking up, eating breakfast, brushing ones teeth, and bathing. and not waking up, eat breakfast, brush ones teeth, and bathing. This rule goes the same with the use of clauses and words that follow a colon. (Purdue nozzle Driscoll, 2006) Discuss the meaning of verb tense in the writing process. Like the parallel structure which signals consistency and concurrence within the body of a written work, verb tenses also results to the same outcomes in writing. Aside from the general rules of verb tenses such as past tense for actions done in the past, present tense for actions that are currently pickings place, and future tense for action that are about to take place, verb tenses in the writing process also necessitates consistency and uniformity of thoughts.For instance, a written work is in the form of a narrative then it should not only be written in the past tense, but should be written in the past tense all throughout the remainder of the text.Website http//apastyle. apa. org/ Frequently Asked Questions. (2008) Retrieved October 22, 2008, from The American Psychological Association. Website http//www. apastyle. org/faqs. hypertext mark-up language1 Hajnal, P. I. (1997). International Information Documents, Publications, and Electronic Information of International Governmental Organizations. SC Libraries Unlimited. Hunter, S. (2007). APA Writing Style. Retrieved October 22, 2008, from Associated Content, Inc. Website http//www. associatedcontent. com/article/181223/apa_writing_style. html? cat=3Purdue OWL Driscoll, D. L. (2006). Parallel Structure. Retrieved October 22, 2008, from The Writing Lab The OWL at Purdue. Website http//owl. english. purdue. edu/owl/ resource/623/01/ Tenses in Writing. (N. D. ) Retrieved October 22, 2008, from University of Washington. Website http//depts. washington. edu/engl/askbetty/tenses. php Topping, K. J. Ehly, S. W. (1998). Peer-Assisted Learning. NJ Laurence Erlbaum Associates. Seas, K. Driscoll, D. L. (2007). APA Overview and Workshop. Retrieved October 22, 2008, from The Writing Lab The OWL at Purdue. Website http//owl. english. purdue. edu/owl/resource/664/01/

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The Mysterious Marisa Coulter Essay Example for Free

The Mysterious Marisa colter EssayPhillip Pullmans His deplorable Materials introduces a new twist on the old villainess character to the world of fiction. Mrs. Marisa Coulter is an al roughly purely evil character. Despite her charming and persuasive demeanor, Mrs. Coulter is the greediest, most power-hungry character in the trilogy. In Pullmans world, every human has a daemona visible version of the soul that takes on an zoology form. Mrs. Coulters daemon, a vicious little golden monkey, reflects its testifyers personality. Only a few seconds, and the monkey had overmastered him with one fierce black paw around his throat and his black paws grip the polecats lower limbs, he took one of Pantalaimons ears in his other paw and pulled as if he intended to tear it off. Not angrily, either, but with a cold curious force that was horrible to see and even worse to feel. (Pullman, 65) Just as the monkey, in book three, enjoys torturing and killing roughened in the cave in which Mrs. Coulter keeps Lyra, Mrs. Coulter enjoys toying with people before she kills them.She shows no contrition after tearing people to pieces or torturing them to death. Mrs. Coulter, according to skipper Asriel, wanted to be mired in the religious hierarchy. However, being female, this was denied her. Mrs. Coulter is very intelligent and clever, but usually works for her own ends. She is manipulative and a very convincing liar. Every act of kindness or consideration is for her turn a profit only. Mrs. Coulters daemon attacks Lyras daemon in an attempt to subdue Lyra into doing her bidding.Immediately pursual this act Pullman writes, What do you think of the flowers, dear? said Mrs. Coulter as sweetly as if nil had happened (65). She has no sense of compassion and will do almost anything to reach her goals. She is not sympathetic or sentimental, and does not particularly care how her actions affect other people. She has tortured, killed, and torn children in half all for the pastime of raising herself higher. From a young age she craved power, first attempting to obtain it through marrying a moneyed politician, Edward Coulter.When her husband was killed by her lover Lord Asriel she was left with almost nothing and decided to try to enamour power through the church. She decided to experiment with spread, a new kind of elementary particle that the Church knew ab proscribed, but would not experiment with because it was a feared subject. Mrs. Coulter realized that daring to do what others will not, is an super useful tool for gaining power. After conducting several successful experiments in the North that severed children from their daemons, and stopped Dust from gathering around them, she became one of the Churchs most powerful agents.Of all the characters in Golden Compass, Mrs. Marisa Coulter is the most morally ambiguous. Marisa Coulter has one daughter. Lyra, the protagonist of the trilogy is the product of an affair between Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel enchantment Mrs. Coulter was still married to Edward Coulter. When Mr. Coulter found out his wife was having an affair he give chase the baby Lyra and her nurse into a cottage where Lord Asriel came in and killed him. There is no Mr. Coulter, by the management she is a widow.Her husband died very sadly in an accident some years ago so you might bear that in mind before you ask. (53) In the months that followed, when Lyras future life was being worked out Mrs. Coulter turned her back. She wanted to distance herself as far away from her daughter and the affair as she could because it would disgrace her and ruin her chances at becoming high in society. It is assumed that she has had many lovers since then, including Lord Boreal. Mrs. Coulters relationship with Lord Asriel, Lyras father, adds another dimension to her character.The struggle between Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel drives much of the trilogys narrative. Though Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel battle for control of the ir daughter, Lyras existence suggests that a powerful attraction once existed, and possibly still exists, between them. It becomes apparent that Mrs. Coulter is in cahoots with the general Oblation come on, who as the Gobblers has been kidnapping children to be sent off to Bolvangar. Really? Is she involved with the Oblation Board? My dear, she is the Oblation Board.Its entirely her own project (67) There, the kidnapped children are separated by a put to work called Intercision from their daemons, something like being subjected to the Dementors kiss. Mrs. Coulter captures the children by manipulating them. She gives them food, tells them her exciting stories of adventures, and generally gives warm hospitality. The children feel comfortable with her, and so they are shipped to Bolvangar before they realize what has happened. The children describe her as angelic. But, despite her cruelty, Mrs. Coulter has a soft grime for Lyra.She rescues Lyra from intercision at Bolvanger, she looks after Lyra in the cave in the Himalayas, and she fights desperately with Father MacPhail to make sure that his barrage doesnt kill Lyra. In the end, she gives her own life to drag Metatron into the abyss so that Lyra can turn over her goal. Mrs. Coulters transformation is inspired by Lyra, who evokes extraordinary love from most people she encounters. So it could be stated that Lyra melted Mrs. Coulters cold icy heart, not only didactics her compassion, but maybe a smidge of humility as well.

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The Black Death and the World it Made Essay Example for Free

The vitriolic demise and the World it Made EssayThe Black Death or The Black Plague, as it is known in account, was the worst disaster in medical hi trading floor to date considering it proportionately (more than 40 percent mortality rate). It was so devastating in its effect that at heart 3 years time (1347-1350) the whole europium was made aware of its dark presence in malevolence of the disadvantages of that detail in terms of media coverage.The Plague had proven itself to be no respecter of person when it visited and touched(p) every family from those of the highest in the ladder of society to the lowest royal families, monasteries, and farms. This g completelyant history is highly of import especially when looked at through the lenses of high technology twenty first century. The threat of mass killings as posed by Bio-Chemical warfare, Mad-Cow-Disease (MCD), Bird-Flu-Virus (BFV), etc., is so pertinent that a close look once over again at the historic Black Plague merits anybodys concern especially those bothered by the threat. What everybody knows almost this event in mans history is only mere fraction of what accreditedly occurred. choirmaster dug deep into what are new scientific discoveries and the aid of historical research to give a wide-angled and more panoramic vista on the experience of the tribe of their day. Over bring in Well-known medievalist Norman cantor relates the story of the renowned Black Death afresh with an eye of a Chronicler.In his track record In the incite of the Plague, precentor narrates the story of the pandemic and its wide disperse effects with an intention, non only to retell and revive what happened during the spread of the plague, but to inform and quicken the modern reader of the possibility of it happening again in the equivalent proportion that it transpired in the fourteenth century, or maybe exceeding the mortality rate it has incurred accordingly, if the adult male be bemuses indifferently t o the prospect.In the Book, the Black Death was viewed from its wide-ranged effect (in Europes population) to its effect to families and individuals. The usual memory inscribed in the minds of people with regards to this medical disaster is that of gloomy period where the whole population just dropping dead for reasons which no man could ever explain in rational or understandcapable terms. The abbreviate instilled, because of lack of scholarly approach to this episode in the history of medieval Europe, was the survival aspect.That all the people at that time needed to do was to keep themselves alive. Although this was tell of the overall picture, this isnt complete sledding some important details untouched. Norman Cantor, on the other hand, is so keen, in that, he not only has given the overall scenario of the Plague in his book but too the important and oblige details of it. For example, he narrated the early close of princess Joan of England who died at a very young age. He also tells of the death of the newly consecrated archbishop Thomas Bradwardine of Canterbury.As told in the Book, the archbishops rather untimely death had deep ramifications especially to the improvement of religion and science. This is compelling in that it opened the eyes of the then world to all of the possibilities of how the plague was being transmitted, from serpents to cosmic dusts. The many repercussions such as, to the economy, the overall psyche of the people in their respective locale during this period is suggested by Cantor to have their lasting effect that have reached as far as to our generation today.He suggested that it might have made the world what it is in these long time of technological advances. True, scholars today have keener minds in their different fields in particular the medical field. In the very first chapter, the conference of medical practitioners and specialists was used by Cantor to jumpstart the flow of his thesis on the wide-ranging effects o f the plague. Many incidents come to life. Cantor talked about Abbot Thomas, for instance, who plays a part in the historical accounts.Thomas of Birmingham or Abbot Thomas (1349), who was then at the time of the Plague, the abbot of Halesowen, was a local resident of the town whose family was native and well-known to the place well-known enough to have named after them the city of Birmingham. The epidemics impact on the abbey managed by Thomas can be seen when he referred to the harm on the abbeys income brought about by the recent events in his petition to the bishop. In spite of all these, Abbot Thomas was fortunate and had some advantages from the other lords because the abbey and the lands in Halesowen that he was managing were generally of high quality.What is amazing of all is the argument of the beginning that in spite of the colossal devastation and the marvelous effects of the Plague, it had resulted in some beneficial outcome which created a new world of possibilities b igger than the terminal itself. Cantor asserted that, as often was the case in the past, the termination of the old order meant the starting time of the new generation which is more scientific in its saying. After the Black Death, there arose an intellectual revolution. on that heighten were explosions and breakthroughs in different fields artists had invented window protection with beautiful art designs which was calculated to block the hypothetic airborne virus, painters responded and painted their great paintings, and the peasants that survived the Plague flourished where they started all over again in fact, they were Europes first class farmers. By and large, Black Death marked an economic change throughout Europe. It triggered what Cantor referred to as turbo-capitalism. Indeed, from ashes comes beauty.If what most of the advances in the west today were generated and can be traced back to one of the darkest of Europes history the Plague, one may say with all truthfulness t hat even in innate disasters where no person has the power to control, a change for the better might be brewing. Critique Since In the Wake of the Plague was written by Norman Cantor with the advantages of the 21st century scholarship, it has the understanding and the insights that the medieval years were primarily deprived of.The calculations of Norman Cantor are all possible and can be explained, as he had done in the Book, through scientifically proven facts especially that we have all the benefits of latest discoveries in medicine. To see the Plague through the kind of perspective that the author has narrated in his book is exactly something that one can expect from a 21st century medieval scholar. In spite of some negative feedbacks that some critics have given to the book, I will give generously my two thumbs up. The Book certainly deserves to receive a five star category.It is written in a all told different approach than the former works on the Black Death. Cantor has end eavored to share his knowledge of the period and has given us details which otherwise cannot be known had it not been for the fact that a real historian has divulged them. Cantor turned from one payoff to some other in this book and thus able to keep those without thorough knowledge of the Plague interested till the end. Though his style of jumping from topic to topic may be viewed by some critics to be disorderly in terms of coiffure or arrangement, they are incidental and may be looked at as his personal style.He began with the complaints biomedical survey and pointed to the many problems with the prevailing beliefs about the Black Deaths cause, its temper and transmission. He even went to suggest that the likely cause of death was anthrax, as in many cases the kindred and similar symptoms were present. Indiscriminately, the Plague hit the different classes of people in many regions. In the Book, there were stories of families and individuals, make the overall narrative mor e personal, intimate and gripping.Looking at it in a nuclear point of view, the Plague is the 14th century counterpart or equivalent of threatening nuclear war. It makes us think seriously of the global threat of nuclear hoarding of some nations. If the calculations of Cantor in the book was accurate, then the threat of some renegade nations hoarding and multiplying anthrax and other biological/chemical materials are imminent and dangerous. In the Wake of the Plague is a book that can free many who until now view the Black Death through the mist of the many superstitions that primitive minds have made out of it.Cantors approach in this book is to make the past history relevant. He saw the eructation of Mad-Cow-Disease, Foot and Mouth Disease, AIDS, and the Bird-Flu Virus happened in the middle of the 14th century when the Plague ravaged Europe. The author even believes that our world today might face a similar catastrophe in the adept future. In a prophetic sense, the book has gi ven us information and a warning. The threat of another pandemic is not far since the symptoms of what the medical world has been seeing in the recent outbreaks of diseases were the same signs that 14th century people had seen.Even the manner of transmission is deemed somewhat similar by the author. The author indirectly warned and indicated that if there will ever be another plague as devastating as the Black Death of the Medieval period, it will happen only through one of the possible causes which Cantor set it will be whether brought on by natural causes, or by bio-terrorism. Reference 1. Cantor, Norman F. 2001. In the Wake of the Plague The Black Death and the World It Made. HarperCollins Publishers